GUANXIeurope eases your business connections in China and other Asian countries, offering background information and a comprehensive consulting service.
Our “GUANXI” brings products and sales together.

Want to make business or influence contacts in Asia?
So you better have good GUANXI!
(Norberto Moreau)

What is GUANXI?

Guanxi (lit: personal connection) has been identified as a necessary condition to do business successfully in China.
Its written in Simplified Chinese as 关系, in Traditional Chinese as 關係, and it consists of the two characters / words “guan” (a point where two things connect) and the conjunctive “xi” (in relation). It is said that the expression is some 2,000 years old.
Management literature has found that guanxi predicts sales growth and firm performance in companies, that it provides access to markets, and that it has a profound impact on firm efficiency and growth.

My reason choosing GUANXI (Norberto Moreau)


GUANXIeurope helps Europe companies finding the best agency structure for the market entry in China.

Doing business with Chinese partners started in 2000.
GUANXIeurope was set up in 2015 with a registration page for three years to create a network base with professionals to serve the Yachting, Real Estate and Luxury Industry.
Now in 2018/19 the project goes into the next stage!

“If you want to have different results,
you must try different solutions.”
(Norberto Moreau)

“Add something new to your network,
and it will change your results.”
(Norberto Moreau)

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