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GUANXIeurope eases your entry and expansion into the Asian / European market, offering a comprehensive service. We bring products and sales together.


GUANXIeurope facilita tu entrada y expansión en el mercado asiático / europeo ofreciendo un servicio integral. Traemos productos y ventas en conjunto.


琯溪欧洲 使您进入和拓展亚洲/欧洲市场更加轻松,为您提供综合服务。我们汇集的产品和销售。


GUANXIeurope erleichtert den Zugang und die Expansion im asiatischen / europäischen Markt und bietet einen umfassenden Service. Wir bringen Produkte und Vertrieb zusammen.


GUANXIeurope facilite votre entrée et l'expansion sur le marché asiatique / européen, offrant un service complet. Nous apportons les produits et les ventes ensemble.


GUANXIeurope facilita l'immissione e l'espansione nel mercato asiatico / europeo, che offre un servizio completo. Portiamo i prodotti e le vendite insieme.

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We combine synergies from branches with “生活方式 / Lifestyle” products and services like Luxury – Yachting – Properties – Travel – Cars – Hotels – Events – Investments from both continents and we invite you to participate!

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Who we are

The Allied-Management Group was founded in 2000 by a group of consultants located in different parts of the world. It’s administrative office with several departments is based in Hongkong and London and various branches in different countries.

As a company that operates globally with Internet Activities, Yacht and Leisure Business, Business Brokerage and Commercial Real Estate, the Allied Management Group offers a full range of international services and contacts through their existing network of partnerships in both continents.

Allied Management Ltd is a Limited Liability Company by Shares registered in Hongkong. The coordinator for all requests is Mr. Norberto Moreau.

If you want to have different results, you must try different solutions.
Add something new to your network, and it will change your results.– Norberto Moreau (Allied-Management Ltd)

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